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महाराष्ट्र सहकार प्रशिक्षण सेवा सहकारी संस्था मर्यादित conducts Education & Training programmes in the Cooperative Sector.

महाराष्ट्र सहकार प्रशिक्षण सेवा सहकारी संस्था मर्यादित helps Young India make a career in Cooperative Society Management through high quality education, certification and placement opportunities.

Why महाराष्ट्र सहकार प्रशिक्षण सेवा सहकारी संस्था मर्यादित?

Expert Faculty
All round development


High-value seminars to keep you abreast with the latest laws, rules and regulations in cooperative housing societies.


Cooperative Management Certification Course to help you explore exciting career opportunities in the cooperative sector.

Expert Faculty

Expert Faculty: Domain/ Industry experts with teaching experience of 15+ years.

All round development

Technical knowledge on the subject, development of soft skills and communication, practical training on software products to keep up in the technology-era.


Upgradation workshops, lifetime support for queries

Blogs, Newsletters to enrich knowledge in society affairs

Top facilities to keep you focused


To empower people through innovative learning techniques and implement cooperative principles with belief and success.


To make aware, the importance of cooperative principles to the public at large and unlock the power of cooperative sector..


Integrity, Commitment, Quality and Trust are the core values that guide our actions..

Mandatory Training

Seminars on Co-operative Management for the financial year 2019-2020
Lack of awareness and knowledge of co-operative Acts, Rules and Bye-Laws may result in mistakes that can lead to dissatisfaction in society operations, disputes and even litigations.

To curb these problems, section 24A was introduced as per 97th amendments introduced by Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Act in the year 2013. In the interest of a co-operative society, it is mandatory for the Society to provide training to 1/5th of Members and Committee Members every year towards Co-operative Acts, Rules and Bye-Laws. Certificate of training is required to be submitted to Dy. Registrar of concerned ward to avoid infringements in society audits.

We, at Maharashtra Sahakar Prashikshan Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit. (Associate with Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh) impart education and training workshop designed u/s 24 in the vicinity of your society. Certification of attendance will help obtain certificate from State Apex Training Institute, which shall be submitted to Dy. Registrar of the concerned ward.
Apart from Education & Training Workshop, a separate workshop will also be conducted by eminent speakers to cover bundle of information and knowledge on various topics. Societies will also receive E-Copy of News Letter where the various topics of co-operatives, analysis of court judgements, real case studies, social activities, and other awareness programme will be covered by renowned subject matter experts.

Topics covered by Education and Training Workshop

  • 97th Amendments in MCS Act,1960
    (When or how it came into existence, the revolutionary changes, its pros and cons).
  • Societies Rules & Regulations
    (Rules and Bye-Laws of Co-operative Societies in Brief Knowledge)
  • Transfer of Membership
    (Transfer of Membership through Sale of Flat, Gift Deed and Inheritance)
  • Define - Nomination of Member and its Benefits / Cautions
    (Procedure of Transfer & Nomination related issue and its resolution)
  • Define – Gift Deed
    (Conditional, revocable and irrevocable Gift Deeds, its importance and pros & cons)
  • Define – Will
    (Various modes of executing Wills, its importance and pros & cons)
  • Audit overview of Rules and Regulations under the Act
    (limits on cash, limits on expenditures on Repairs & Maintenance, Funds, its investments and utilisation, Meetings and its records, appropriation of profit and so on).
  • Overview on mandatory compliances under the Act
    (O-Rectification Report, IT Returns, GST Returns, Election to Society, Training to members)
  • Conveyance / Deemed Conveyance
    (How to manage the Conveyance Related issue and its facts & resolution)
  • Election at Society
    (Simplifies your society elections procedure)
  • Taxation Matters
    (Know about the Income Tax, TDS, GST, Professional Tax and their implications & importance).
  • Question and Answer session

Highlights of Education & Training Workshop conducted u/s. 24A & Seminars on selected topics

  • The Duration of the Workshop will be for 4 hours and committee members will have to attend once in a year.
  • Training will be conducted by education officer of Maharashtra Sahakar Prashikshan Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit.
  • Eminent speakers on various related topics along with legal experts who will be sharing knowledge to our members on society’s legal issues and guidance to avoid any legal hurdles.
  • Participant will be awarded with the “Certificate” on attending the workshop recognized under the Act.

Failure to Conduct Education & Training Programme by the society

As per the amendment in Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 Dt. 20/06/2019, Section 154B-6 (4), newly introduced states where the society fails to conduct the education and training programme for Committee Members and its Members, the said contribution will be recoverable as the arrears of land revenue by the Co-operative Department.


The Managing Committee Members of Society can register their society name through Email at or contact 9820209300/ 9324087696

Cooperative Management Certification Course (C.M.C.C.)

  • The Government of India has envisioned Housing for All by 2022 and planned many reforms in housing sector. It is also pushing for development of large-scale new industrial corridors. Due to these, there will be unmatched increase in the number of societies.
  • Municipal corporations, state governments have new and higher expectations from societies for ecology management, compliance to taxes, bye-laws, rules and regulations.
  • Managing committee members have to follow the rules and regulations stated by the government. They are the caretakers of the people staying in societies and do their Honorary job without any remuneration from the housing society.
    • Committee members are hard pressed for time juggling between office, society, their personal commitments and keeping abreast of latest developments in society affairs. Committee members would depend more and more on professional help.
    • There will be ample opportunities for professional managers in Housing Societies - today and in coming future.
  • Our estimate is approximate 5 Lakh housing societies exist in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune vicinity alone and many more, new societies will be added due to these reforms. Out of these hardly few of the societies have Professional managers.
  • The world is changing and in this Technology era, the number of smart phone users are increasing manifold. Through Hukamboss, all aspects of Society Affairs will be made available to members and their family members on fingertips.

What will you learn?

  • Concepts from bye-laws, rules and regulations
  • Knowledge on various taxes and compliances applicable to the societies
  • Drafting of various letters, notices, minutes
  • Preparation of Vouchers, Registers
  • Technical knowledge on society management with regards to formation/ registration of a housing society, membership, transfer of flats, conducting meetings, parking and more
  • Soft skills and communication
  • Practical training on Treasurebooks- Society Management Software

Our Learning Methods

  • Classroom Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Group discussions with Committee members/ Subject Matter Experts
  • Housing Society Field Visit
  • Exams and Certification

Our Facilities

  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Audio & Video Lectures
  • Expert Professors and Consultants
  • Flexible Batches

Post Course

  • Upgradation Workshops
  • Lifetime Support for any queries

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